Coffee shops oddness

I carry my notebook all round the area for writerly moments. This means I spend a lot of time mentally reviewing places for too loud music, wobbly tables or chatty staff (big no nos). My old favourite has been somewhat demoted recently…

Sitting down I shoved aside the milk, realising the tea cup was still half full I looked around and the woman on the next table, “Oh, is someone sat here?”

Her response, “It’s probably alright, don’t suppose anyone’s pissed in it.”

Confounded I mumbled something about “I thought maybe they had gone to the loo” but my voice trailed off.

Scowling as I scanned the counter for my order she offered a more cogent explanation, “There were two people but they’ve gone.” She laughed but I was just glad my toast had arrived so I could busy myself buttering it. The laughter kept catching me and I looked down to suppress it but it shook my shoulders in involuntary quivers.

In my mind I was debating whether she meant to say “spit in it.” I also couldn’t fathom why she thought I wanted to drink the leftovers rather than use the table.

I didn’t get my notebook out that day, I was too busy scoffing down my toast and willing the woman to move on as soon as possible so I could laugh out loud.

Lore to live by

You know if you get a thread on your clothes, you’ll get a letter? Everyone knows that, right?

There’s some lores that you just live by. This is one I have taken into my being and rewritten into my script so I really do believe it happens. As time goes on and I don’t receive post, I receive promotions (hello 20% off L’Occitaine) this lore has taken on a new level of significance. A thread means I will receive an important personal piece of mail. This week a very important and weighty letter came about A and I had been wondering what news was coming.

So do you just pay more attention to the coincidence of the event because you have seen a thread and made a connection to it? Or does little incidental magic exist? Somewhere in between probably.

Writing Tools

I may be late to the party but I have been testing out technology this week.
IAWriter is great for when I have a few ideas on the go. I love the feature where it tells you how long it will take you to read. Albeit that can be depressing too, how can this chapter I have been slogging out only take 3 minutes to read?

Hemingway is a revelation. I don’t follow all its rules. Screw you, I like my run on sentences! But I also like seeing the readability score going down.  I feel like it has made me think particularly hard about adverbs (haha). I know they are fussy. What I have really noticed though is where they show I am lacking confidence. I was reading

And it inspired me to find that balance between finding the perfect word, and letting your speech seem colloquial. The speech will definitely still use adverbs because that’s how I speak and blog, obviously.

Escapism vs The Novel

It’s been a tough few weeks. Little man is too hyper to go to sleep most nights. And other family things have troubled my mind.  I have found myself escaping. A coping strategy that I have long employed. There’s the bingeing on  audiobooks when I am sat in the darkened hall waiting for him to drop off. Then there’s the Netflix binges if he does go to sleep-the reward for being blessed with an evening- that keep me up past my own bedtime. 

It occurred to me this morning though I may have excellent reasons to escape my real life, I don’t want to lose the chance to have the life I want. I do deserve a break but still, still there’s the damn book. The one I am writing. The one that inspires me and comes to me in flashes. The one I am meant to write. 

Sitting down to finally type up pages and pages of scrawled disorganised scenes this morning I resolved once again to escape into the world that I am creating. I often read that to write you need to read. I subscribe to this advice whole-heartedly but my aim this coming month is to use the novel as an escape. Not always, that’s not realistic.  Surely it must be possible to sometimes indulge in something that does not distract my mind but instead engage it? 

Does anyone else write in odd places? It seems appropriate to my own experience that I should write sat on the top step just waiting for the chance to creep down the stairs. 

Pinteresting idea

Really love this article on 34 Strategic Ways You Can Market your Book on Pinterest

Think I am a way off using a business account. The damn first draft is 20000 words now (not bad) but still not written is it?
I am having fun using Pinterest as a tool for research. I envision the boards I am creating now to draw in readers who have similar esoteric interests as the characters in my book. 

This week’s new board, Lore of the Land. A collection of folklores and old wives’ tales that would be of interest to the main character who is hiding herself away in the woods. There’s some great lists out there like this one:

40 Old Wives’ Tales

I love the witch/pagan element of the posts I am finding. There is an undeniable pull of this lifestyle (religion?) for this character. 

My Pinterest is here if you’re interested


Having time to write is the perennial problem, right?

Having a little boy who doesn’t play so well by himself means I am in demand frequently. 

This morning however I have found that I can think about a back story for a short story I am writing as we played with Playdoh. Very therapeutic!  I have scribbled some notes. Maybe it’s not my 1000 words but each step takes me further forward. 

I was inspired by this infographic

Must have pinned this five times already. 

This morning though number 3 struck me particularly. Sometimes situations or stories do come first but then when I come to write the backstory, I find the people are right there waiting for me. 

Which way round do you find your characters?