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Cornflakey fun

To break the monotony of building the track and to encourage imagination we have been using sensory play for a few months.

Full credit to my fellow Early Birds Mummy friend who introduced me to the concept of rainbow rice and cornflakes.

Cue large storage box, poundland cornflakes and the emergency vehicles.

It took him a few minutes to get stuck in. But soon we were scrunching, putting the cornflakes in pots and then making it rain over the vehicles.

Cones provided a track for the cars until he decided they were ice cream cones. Lovely to watch the imaginary play. Although being a literalist he then HAD to eat the cornflakes. Which is why the end of the activity was this…

Tucking in! 


Photo book fail?

Little A has a lot of anxiety leaving home. He loves going out and about but getting him there is not fun. Complete corridor meltdowns are frequent.

It has been a learning curve to battle this. Lots of visual prompts, sketch pictures and now photos and we are getting there.

To help him and because he loves his books I finally made him a going out book. I’m not sure if it’s officially a social story, more of a list “I like going to the garden, I can take out my toys” including photos. The place is accompanied by something very motivating for him like walking, taking the scooter or visiting the cafe.

It’s working and we have been for an outing at least two out of four at home days for the last few weeks.

As I want to sometimes venture beyond our home town, I have included some of our favourite places like Kew Gardens, the Splash Zone at Chessington and OF COURSE the London Transport Museum. Well he has woken up everyday this week and the first thing he said “want to go a London Transport Museum, going on the train” And good morning to you too son.

Today I finally gave in. I had to wait for a reasonably short tantrum to finish (just 20 minutes) but after that I grabbed our ticket and we’re on our way.

I wouldn’t say it’s a failed tactic. After another day trapped at home yesterday, I appreciate an outing but I’d really hoped to take him next week.
It seems like we are going to have to work on timing and preparation. The level of motivation of somewhere so cool as LTS is far beyond Little As impulse control at the moment.


Why I stopped writing

Haven’t been keeping this blog for a while which is a shame, I love writing. I love my life with little boy. I love looking for the fun and funny things that happen in our days.

However a lot has been going on for Little A. Turns out A, amongst other things,  is for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

The acts of learning about it, reading about it, living it has weighed heavily on us this year. It occurs to me though I should write still because there are many highs and lows but also this is a chance to see the joy in my life with Little A.

If you want show support the National Autistic Society are lighting up a map of supporters in the UK.


Stars are a big thing at the moment in our household. Stars on pajamas, stars on the comfort blanket, stars on the Christmas tree… I decided to try out one of those tricks you read online but never do…cucumbers cut into stars!

My once easy eater has been picky recently but this worked a trick. We’ve been having a lot of green stuff rejected or worse thrown on the floor. So delighted. Now off to think of other veg that might work!


Don’t mind their manners

Really interesting and helpful chat with the health visitor today about a number of things. Thought she passed on a useful piece of advice though with regards to politeness.

She told me that until he’s got a good variety of nouns, don’t worry about please and thank you. Apparently the language therapists say that it can get confused so he might think the cup you get him to say thanks for is called “thank you”. I’ve only taken the lead because my niece is being taught her manners. Fair enough, her language is greatly advanced of his.

I will be helping him a bit more with saying lots of nouns for now and let the abstract stuff like manners come later.

Anti Social Behaviour

Suffering anti social behaviour all round. Little A broke a plate at my friend’s house yesterday because all the snacks were done. I’m working on the throwing at home by letting him sit at the table. I was so busy saying sorry and feeling embarrassed that I forgot to institute naughty corner. Have to start practising the response. Think I’m just never sure he really understands.

Meanwhile, upstairs neighbours are getting me angry. I asked them to keep quiet after 11pm a few weeks ago after a couple of parties. The problem is they don’t go out til very late so the music and loud voices kept me up til 1.30am. It doesn’t exactly fill me with joy that I’m going to have to have another conversation with them. It certainly doesn’t set me up well for a day of disciplining any of Little A’s behaviour.

Deep breath. Time to get him up.