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Moving out

In a few days we will be moving out of our small flat to a small house. We seem to have accrued a lot of stuff since moving in 6 years ago, getting married and having Little A. I mean who doesn’t need 32 1980s compiliation albums (here’s looking at you husband)?

Change is tough for little A so it is better to involve him in any activity. He flicked a duster at a few of our less breakable possessions this morning as I madly clean and sort.

The reality is though I cannot pay as much attention to him and he resists change. Queue choas. Drinks dumped out, eggs broken on the floor, toothpaste eaten… Behaviour that is showing me clearly he is already finding this week challenging. And being Little A he refused the Time Out handed out for this until he was ready and told me “I want time out on the bed.” Me too kiddo.

After calming play with the fans, some special time with play doh and of course some bouncing we have recovered. I may just leave everything else dusty.


mama mia

My favourite echolalia of the moment…Bella Lasagne from original Fireman Sam “Mama Mia” offered today when I said “Mummy just going toilet”.

We have been in a whirlwind of decision-making since last Tuesday when finally finally finally we received the expected diagnosis. Apart from the few surprise tears as the paediatrician confirmed autistic  spectrum disorder with sensory modulatory behaviour,  I have felt relieved. Relieved to be believed, believed to be knowledgeable about our own child. Now it’s just a small matter of a new school nursery, new house and new world? Mama mia!

Megablock family

So I’d seen this brilliant blogpost, using mega blocks with your children’s family on. A great starting to point to develop language and understanding about family. This is the

brilliant blogpost

Little A is saying cousin “co-eee” (Chloé) for both cousins at the moment. He knows they’re different people just says the same name. Thought there was a chance this would start to straighten him out.

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Word Pairing

Really trying to get little A to develop his language into short sentences. Lots of things I’m reading say he’s supposed to be at that stage. However, like most things he seems to be a little behind the curve, though perfectly happily “chuntering away,” as my dad would say!

Bit of a step forward today; he said “circle bu” with only a tiny bit of prompting from his pushy mummy. Naming colours (specifically “bu” for blue, “ori” for orange) is his thing of the week. For the last few weeks it was pointing out circles. Before that pointing out wheels. Before that diggers. Great to see him start to consolidate his interests. And also that he’s using French syntax. Grandad’s influence again!

Pet Hate

Little A’s grandad has adopted a cat to live with him in the gîte. Lovely to hear him chatting so affectionately about Piffy. However today he committed a faux pas. I was telling him I was feeling tired because little A woke up at 4.45. His response “oh I know, Piffy came in from the rain at 5am and tried to get into bed.”

It’s my absolutely my pet hate when people compare their pet to my child. I mean, you know children are people, right?