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Feeling Christmassy

We are big into Christmas this year. My little man is now 5 and fully on board with the “Christmas Countdown” (sorry we don’t do Advent, not religious just appropriating the traditions)

Highly recommend this classic Alfie’s Christmas (thanks Grandma) Being a very literal being, Little A wants to replicate the book. He wants a red scooter under the tree just like Alfie. We also have to make Christmas Tree biscuits. So that’s what we are doing this afternoon. I use the term “we” in the loosest sense.

Challenges we face:

  • Not eating all the batter
  • Love/hate the mixer. Love to watch it. Hate to hear it.
  • Oven on is scary because Mum made the smoke alarm go off before
  • Mum is not great at baking (see last point)

Despite this, we did cutting and baking and we might decorate once Little A has eaten a few.


A weighty issue

I grabbed a sneaky forty minutes in a Costa today. I was on a mercy mission for my poorly little boy and big boy who were at home on the sofa watching Bob the Builder. The urge to write what has been on my mind overtook my mothering instinct so I played hooky and got out the notebook.

I had to start writing some of the back story for my lead female character because she seems to be sitting in a cottage in the middle of nowhere for no reason at the moment. It may not make the final cut but I know for a fact that she has a weight problem. She may be active and outdoorsy in the current scenes I have written but I just don’t buy that she would not have a problem with food just like so many women I know who spend their lives trying to serve others.

It occurred to me so few characters are written with a weight problem in modern fiction despite overweight women being ubiquitous in society. In Girl on The Train (which I have finally found time to read!) she does mention it, it is a side effect of Rachel’s alcoholism. Unlike Bridget Jones, where weight has become a central facet of her personality and subsequently the central focus of conversations about the film, I don’t remember seeing Emily Blunt talk about having to gain weight to play Rachel. I wonder then whether avoiding this weighty issue we are shying away from reality. One thought, it could be a challenge in setting a novel in the real, the here and now – are we thinking ahead to filming? or are we wanting to provide psychological flaws that remain hidden and don’t show so easily on the outside?

I would love to know if there are any novels I should be reading where a female character is just arbitrarily overweight, you know, like in real life…







Stars are a big thing at the moment in our household. Stars on pajamas, stars on the comfort blanket, stars on the Christmas tree… I decided to try out one of those tricks you read online but never do…cucumbers cut into stars!

My once easy eater has been picky recently but this worked a trick. We’ve been having a lot of green stuff rejected or worse thrown on the floor. So delighted. Now off to think of other veg that might work!