Guilt #3458 Dentistry

 Tooth decay is apparently rife amongst young children in London. Friends’ children have had to have teeth out (maybe not always just because of decay). Chatting to a friend I realised I needed to try again. The one previous attempt failed – he didn’t open his mouth. 
Here’s how you strategise doing something new that he may not want to do

1) visual schedule 

2) what will happen social story 

3) repeat story several times and ask 1-2-1 to do the same at school

4) Hope for the bloody best!

Visuals really worked because he felt confident enough to let me push him through the transitions. Two buses! However on the way there were a lot of tears because 

  1. Mummy wouldn’t buy sweets
  2. There was a broken down bus
  3. We missed a bus (it’s London they’re regular)
  4. He had to choose to sit upstairs or downstairs 

Tantrums are pretty rare these days and his upset on the bus was bordering on meltdown. Lots of stroking and speaking to him soothingly. Given how well prepared he was this behaviour showed me that he wasn’t fully coping with the anxiety. He is very good at masking. 

Arriving at the dentist there were hardly any toys which he was annoyed about so he switched the lights and went through all the doors including walking in on somebody mid treatment. Often I forget that he used to do this all the time. He once walked into my neighbour’s house when she was having an at-home facial. Seeing him act like his two-year old self was a sign his anxiety was heightened. Of course he has to explore a new place. I brought out his favourite train and the Peppa and George at the Dentist book. 

Inside the room he was very happy with the big chair. He wasn’t having the small mirror near him and hit her hand away. She had an excellent manner and got him to smile at himself in the mirror so she could look. A clean bill of health! Phew!

Happy boy, happy Mummy


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