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Pinteresting idea

Really love this article on 34 Strategic Ways You Can Market your Book on Pinterest

Think I am a way off using a business account. The damn first draft is 20000 words now (not bad) but still not written is it?
I am having fun using Pinterest as a tool for research. I envision the boards I am creating now to draw in readers who have similar esoteric interests as the characters in my book. 

This week’s new board, Lore of the Land. A collection of folklores and old wives’ tales that would be of interest to the main character who is hiding herself away in the woods. There’s some great lists out there like this one:

40 Old Wives’ Tales

I love the witch/pagan element of the posts I am finding. There is an undeniable pull of this lifestyle (religion?) for this character. 

My Pinterest is here if you’re interested



Having time to write is the perennial problem, right?

Having a little boy who doesn’t play so well by himself means I am in demand frequently. 

This morning however I have found that I can think about a back story for a short story I am writing as we played with Playdoh. Very therapeutic!  I have scribbled some notes. Maybe it’s not my 1000 words but each step takes me further forward. 

I was inspired by this infographic

Must have pinned this five times already. 

This morning though number 3 struck me particularly. Sometimes situations or stories do come first but then when I come to write the backstory, I find the people are right there waiting for me. 

Which way round do you find your characters?