Lost scenes

Seem to have lost a notebook. In reality this means certainly two scenes I like-and one I am not so sure of -gone. 

I don’t think they would have won any awards in their current state but I feel their loss painfully nonetheless. 

A stark reminder of the realities of writing for me. I have no time and what time I have I scribble in a notebook. You might see me in a random coffee shops, on the bus sometimes (maybe I left it on the bus). Perhaps what I really need as well as a writing habit is the time to sit quietly at my laptop. 

It is impossible to have this when my son is awake. My laptop is a way for him to scroll through a thousand images of red buses or YouTube (obvs). It demands a different time where my husband could bear to have the telly off or I take my laptop out to an office or maybe the pub?

Definitely some work to be done on demanding this time. I lost the book but it must also speak to the fact I really do not have “a room of ones own. “Stolen from this excellent post https://bookarahma.com/tag/virginia-woolf/


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