Moving out

In a few days we will be moving out of our small flat to a small house. We seem to have accrued a lot of stuff since moving in 6 years ago, getting married and having Little A. I mean who doesn’t need 32 1980s compiliation albums (here’s looking at you husband)?

Change is tough for little A so it is better to involve him in any activity. He flicked a duster at a few of our less breakable possessions this morning as I madly clean and sort.

The reality is though I cannot pay as much attention to him and he resists change. Queue choas. Drinks dumped out, eggs broken on the floor, toothpaste eaten… Behaviour that is showing me clearly he is already finding this week challenging. And being Little A he refused the Time Out handed out for this until he was ready and told me “I want time out on the bed.” Me too kiddo.

After calming play with the fans, some special time with play doh and of course some bouncing we have recovered. I may just leave everything else dusty.


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