Get on with the rest of life

So we are on holiday and receive the call I’ve been hoping for so hard. We have been waiting 16 months but finally our paeditrician has drawn her conclusions about little A’s diagnosis. We will be cutting the break slightly short because frankly if someone offers you a diagnosis, you drop everything. Glad we chose a British staycation.

Have noticed since the call, and my initial tears of relief that we might be able to get answers, my brain has been busily at work.

Without knowing it, I have been holding back. I don’t know why the diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder will make a difference yet but that part of my brain absorbed in imagining what might be going on has been slightly unburdened and wants to chat away.

Queue me jotting away on my phone throughout the break.

I have also said out loud to my husband that I want fiction writing to be my life. So it seems if nothing else the appointment this week will be the start of us all getting on with our life. 


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