Monthly Archives: May 2016

Soft play highs and lows

Somehow I end up dragged into a soft play this week and although it’s sunny, the little man is only just over his cold, and these places are like hell on earth I somehow agreed. (Mummy got played)

He loves the little ones area. It is intended for 2 and under but all the kids love it.

Little man loves pressing the button to make the balls whizz round a tube. Well,  two six year old girls threw me some serious shade. He had pressed the button before they wanted. They slammed their balls to the ground and scowled at me spectacularly.


As usual he needs a few prompts to get up on the big person section . I tempt him up, sitting on the step. He has been here before but always needs to be reminded how you get around. Up I go to relieve his anxiety, he looks at me and says, “Mummy going down the stairs”. Top communication skills there; I know when I’m not wanted.

He did let me come and play in our favourite part: the lights room. Can’t beat a bit of sensory experience to make my little man happy.


Happy boy