Injections today

I’ve been so busy being apoplectic online about the DeNiro/ Vaxxed controversy, I had forgotten I needed to book in the preschool booster. Oops. Finally today was the day.

In preparation we looked at photos of the doctors’ surgery. Little A loves it there, of course he does there’s a train track.


We also got out the doctor’s set to practice injections. A rare bit of pretend play which mainly involved banging the syringe into the table. Using the visual timetable, we were off…


We support Junior Doctors

All went pleasingly well until the first injection went in. Little A looked so very disappointed in me, “don’t like it Mummy!” He did eventually listen to “sit still” after a few tears. We did it though. Thank goodness for that.

We’re home, watching Thomas with the track out. Our new Thomas and Friends Library books arrived just in time. Think he’s just about forgiven me for the betrayal.


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