Monthly Archives: November 2014

Colour sorter

Little A was bored while I was cleaning the kitchen and started to empty out the recycling bag. He was naming the colours of the milk bottle tops so I seized the moment to make a recycled toy!

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Yoga baby

It always amuses me that I have to try so hard to stretch into yoga poses but I go to wake little A up and he is doing it naturally.

Once he’s out of his sleeping bag, I say “big stretch” and he grabs his legs into the perfect happy baby pose. I then stretch up to the sky and he copies me making a big groan noise. I didn’t teach him that, instinct took over. We all love to stretch out in the morning.

Don’t mind their manners

Really interesting and helpful chat with the health visitor today about a number of things. Thought she passed on a useful piece of advice though with regards to politeness.

She told me that until he’s got a good variety of nouns, don’t worry about please and thank you. Apparently the language therapists say that it can get confused so he might think the cup you get him to say thanks for is called “thank you”. I’ve only taken the lead because my niece is being taught her manners. Fair enough, her language is greatly advanced of his.

I will be helping him a bit more with saying lots of nouns for now and let the abstract stuff like manners come later.

Anti Social Behaviour

Suffering anti social behaviour all round. Little A broke a plate at my friend’s house yesterday because all the snacks were done. I’m working on the throwing at home by letting him sit at the table. I was so busy saying sorry and feeling embarrassed that I forgot to institute naughty corner. Have to start practising the response. Think I’m just never sure he really understands.

Meanwhile, upstairs neighbours are getting me angry. I asked them to keep quiet after 11pm a few weeks ago after a couple of parties. The problem is they don’t go out til very late so the music and loud voices kept me up til 1.30am. It doesn’t exactly fill me with joy that I’m going to have to have another conversation with them. It certainly doesn’t set me up well for a day of disciplining any of Little A’s behaviour.

Deep breath. Time to get him up.