Megablock family

So I’d seen this brilliant blogpost, using mega blocks with your children’s family on. A great starting to point to develop language and understanding about family. This is the

brilliant blogpost

Little A is saying cousin “co-eee” (Chloé) for both cousins at the moment. He knows they’re different people just says the same name. Thought there was a chance this would start to straighten him out.

First find photos of your relatives. Harder than you think when one grandad and uncle are camera shy.

Double-sided sticky tape photo to blocks.

Only complication I had was choosing colours. Wasn’t sure whether to put individuals on separate colours. In the end I grouped us in family unit and put my dad on a separate colour to mum as they’re divorced. He knows they live separately so seemed best way.

Here’s our family wall.

A was happy to point out his grandparents and daddy but also spun his grandma on the ring stacker! He likes finding them amongst the blocks now we’ve tidied them away and I’m sure it’ll lead to more games.


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