Monthly Archives: September 2014

Megablock family

So I’d seen this brilliant blogpost, using mega blocks with your children’s family on. A great starting to point to develop language and understanding about family. This is the

brilliant blogpost

Little A is saying cousin “co-eee” (Chloé) for both cousins at the moment. He knows they’re different people just says the same name. Thought there was a chance this would start to straighten him out.

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Me first

Introduced myself to some parents today at playgroup and then told them little A’s name. That’s right, I actually told them my name first.

Not sure if last night’s story of mum make a date influenced me ( but it’s just a small way I can put me first. Go to playgroup because chance for little A to run around like a maniac in a big space and like this one because it has a soft play section. However I also go to chat with other parents and speak English not mum-eze. Today we discussed the “joys” of working in call centres. Normal adult conversation for me, great fun for little boy. Job done.