Monthly Archives: August 2014

Word Pairing

Really trying to get little A to develop his language into short sentences. Lots of things I’m reading say he’s supposed to be at that stage. However, like most things he seems to be a little behind the curve, though perfectly happily “chuntering away,” as my dad would say!

Bit of a step forward today; he said “circle bu” with only a tiny bit of prompting from his pushy mummy. Naming colours (specifically “bu” for blue, “ori” for orange) is his thing of the week. For the last few weeks it was pointing out circles. Before that pointing out wheels. Before that diggers. Great to see him start to consolidate his interests. And also that he’s using French syntax. Grandad’s influence again!


Pet Hate

Little A’s grandad has adopted a cat to live with him in the gîte. Lovely to hear him chatting so affectionately about Piffy. However today he committed a faux pas. I was telling him I was feeling tired because little A woke up at 4.45. His response “oh I know, Piffy came in from the rain at 5am and tried to get into bed.”

It’s my absolutely my pet hate when people compare their pet to my child. I mean, you know children are people, right?

Obstacle course

Need to get some energy out of the boy. Impromptu obstacle course this morning. He had to rescue the helicopters and get them over the cushion and through his tent to the other side. Lots of coaching and cheering by me but he finally got the idea.