Monthly Archives: July 2014

My little lamb

Sometimes you pat yourself on the back. I might just be starting to teach little A a few good habits. He’s obsessed with his toothbrush at the moment (like really obsessed) but likes to make it go “roun roun” like Mummy’s electric one. I’ve promised him one when he’s a big boy!

He’s made me laugh today especially by drinking out of my big bottle. I’m keeping some water cold in the fridge in an effort to keep cool. Far too big for him but my little lamb likes to copy me!




Love it when little boy surprises me. I swear he’s practising things at night so I don’t know he knows things. Maybe that’s why he is awake til 10.30pm?

Today he pointed out a few “deedi” at swimming. His word for babies. You know your baby is getting grown up when he starts referring to other littl’uns as a baby.

He has also been amusing himself this last hour walking backwards. Not sure when he learnt that but it’s clearly more fun than just boring forwards!