Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why I stopped playing with my son

Playing for me is getting down on the ground, initiating a game or activity and engaging my son. Like lots of mums I turned to the Internet for ideas and have Pinterest boards dedicated to the topic. The problem is, my son doesn’t want to play with me.

If I set up an activity,he crawls off (more tales of about having a late walker to come) I’ve spent the last few weeks giving him time by himself. So far it’s working. He gives me a hit on my leg if he wants me to help anyway. I’m trying to teach him “help please” but he’s very good at non verbal cues.

He is quite happy exploring his toys/throwing them about. I’ve learnt quickly the I’m bored signs. He pulls books off the shelves or CDs out. Then we do a song, play chase or watch tv.

With the weather improving we have lots more outside time and do four structured activities a week. I feel so much more relaxed now I’m not forcing the issue. I’m getting more done. I’m looking after myself better.

Raising such an independent spirit is tough sometimes but he knows what he wants. Maybe when he’s a bit older he’ll want to play with me?